The Family Business Hierarchy

The Family Business was started by the grandfather and father of three children Georgios Chatzikelis in 1982, when the operation of the company stopped as a bakery and started as a fish tavern. The mission of the company was continued by the middle son Ioannis Chatzikelis as the manager of the fish tavern.The company still contributes with the help of his little sister, Haroula Chatzikelis and his great brother, Nikos Chatzikelis. You also see the children of John and Haroula, where they contribute to improving the Family Business.

Georgios Chatzikelis / Manager
Ioannis Chatzikelis / Manager
Haroula Chatzikeli / Assistant Manager
Nikos Chatzikelis / Assistant Manager
Nikos Chatzikelis / Son Of Ioannis
Fotis Chatzikelis / Son Of Ioannis
Christina Chatzikeli/Wife of Ioannis